Temperature & Humidity Transmitter

8.1 Yudian AI-7021-D5 Dual Temperature Transmitter

  • It provides 2 channels of configurable inputs
  • It generates two isolated current outputs
  • High performance hardware
  • DIN rail mounted. Its width is only 22.5mm
  • Universal power supply of 100-240VAC or 24VDC

Khoat Temperature and Humidity Sensor


    KH-101 Temperature and Humidity Transmitter




        KH-102 Temperature and Humidity Transmitter


          MI213- Head Mounted Smart Temperature Transmitter


            8.2 K-HOAT KH-706 Series Humidity and Temperature Transmitter

            • Temperature 20 to 80°C and humidity 0-100%RH range
            • Accuracy in temperature is +/-0.5°C and for humidity it is +/-4.5%
            • Wall type and duct type
            • Wireless Rx Tx of temperature and humidity
            • <1W power consumption